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Former Business and Political Analyst: UAW Shows Self-Serving Greed Entering Negotiations with Auto Companies

In a commentary published at Yahoo News, former political and business consultant L. Vincent Poupard, believes that the “big 3 should stand their ground and give the UAW very little extra during these negotiations, if anything at all.”

Poupard believes the first item to address by those in the automotive industry is to save not spend.  He says, that it is imperative that a nest egg be put in place, in case, the bottom falls out again.

Poupard brings into question the motives of the UAW.  Citing how the UAW is sniffing around looking for a bigger cut of the action.

Given that GM and Ford are finally showing profits, and Chrysler is still struggling after paying back the bail out money to the Canadian, Ontario provincial and American governments, Poupard believes that the UAW “is simply giving an appearance of greed.”

We want to hear your opinions on this matter.  Do you agree or disagree with Poupard’s stance?

If you would like to read Poupard’s commentary in full, follow the link or click the image.

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